Photo of Chanelle Aristide singing

Terms and Conditions


To confirm and secure your booking date, the contract must be signed and returned to the Artiste(s) within 5 days of the Client(s) receipt of the contract.

Cancellation Fee: A 40% cancellation fee applies to bookings cancelled with more than 3 months to the booking date.  For bookings cancelled with less than 3 months of the booking date will be subject to payment of 80% of the booking fee.  The fee will be required within 3 days of notifying the Artiste(s) of the cancellation.

Payment Term: To be mutually agreed and advised within the client(s) contract. The cancellation fees are non-negotiable.

Additional Clauses:

1. The Artiste(s) agrees not to accept bookings from any other Parties for 5 days upon the issue of the contract.

2. The Artiste(s) can provide certificates of PAT testing and Public Liability which will be issued to the required party.

3. The cancellation fee applies to the specified booking fee and the booking date disclosed within. The fees are non-negotiable.

4. A cancellation by the Artiste(s) will only apply in the case of sickness, injury or other incapacity of which prevents the Artiste(s) from performances hereunder.

5. The Artiste reserves the right to cancel the engagement without prejudice, should the terms not be agreed by the Client, if the contact or venue information provided within is false, if there is risk at the venue to the health and safety of the Artiste(s) or their equipment.

6. It is a condition of this contract that should it not be exchanged within 5 days of issue, the booking date is not confirmed and alternative bookings for this date can be accepted.

7. This agreement does not otherwise provide for cancellation by either party unless determined by mutual consent and notified in writing by email or post. 

8. The Artiste(s) agrees to provide a quality performance, sound and light system to include high power undistorted monitor loud speakers.

9. The Client agrees to liaise with the venue to provide a secure area for the Artiste(s) and their personal possessions before, during and after their performances.  The Artiste(s) are responsible for their own personal and public liability insurance cover.

10. The Artiste(s) of the address advised within, assumes no tax liability in any country other than their own and complies with the tax laws of their own country (UK). 

11. The Client agrees to pay the Artiste(s) in full prior to the performance as outlined within.  The Artiste(s) will not be at liberty to perform, until the booking fee has been paid in full.

12. An extension of the performance can be requested by the Client on the day or evening of the event. It will be at the sole discretion of the Artiste(s) to agree to continue performing. For each additional hour performed by the Artiste(s), a fee of £65 per hour will be required and must be paid to the Artiste(s) at the start of each additional hour intended. 

13.  Should the entertainment be required at an outdoor location, suitable shelter – marquee or fixed external structure must be supplied to protect the Artiste(s) and their equipment from the sun and rain.  Electric extension cables must run from a covered and well maintained power source. All cables must be for outdoor use and well covered.

14. A suitable well maintained power source must be available at the location point where the Artiste(s) is to set up for the performance.

Artiste(s) Requirements and Retainer:The Client will provide adequate refreshments as reasonably required by the Artiste during the event.  Suitable access to water and soft drinks.

For bookings over 5 hours, suitable breaks for food will apply.  Food is a provision provided by the Client if access to purchased food is unavailable to the Artiste(s).  Suitable time to consume food will apply for over 5 hour performances and will be advised in the mutually agreed schedule.